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Pupulin, F. & A. Karremans. 2008. The strange story of Hoffmann's two Epidendrums. Lindleyana in Orchids, Mag. Amer. Orch. Soc. 77(6):454-457.


Astract: During his stay in Costa Rica, the German medical doctor and naturalist Karl Hoffmann Brehmer (1823–1859) collected natural history specimens, including mammals, birds and plants. Among the latter, in May 1857, he found two orchid specimens at Curridabat that served as the types for Epidendrum ionophlebium, described by H.G. Reichenbach filius in 1866, and Epidendrum hoffmannii, proposed by R. Schlechter in 1920. Having been collected at the same locality, these two taxa have been considered as synonyms for a long time. However, a comparison of the extant collections and the analytical drawings prepared by Schlechter around 1915 reveal that Hoffmann's two epidendrums belong to different species. The holotype of E. ionophlebium, supposedly at W, was not located. The specimen collected by Hoffmann under his field number 570, annotated at W as the holotype of E. ionophlebium, is actually the holotype of E. hoffmannii, which should be considered a synonym of the widespread E. chacaoense (syn. Prosthechea chacaoensis), originally described from Venezuela.



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