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Universidad de Costa Rica


Bogarín, D. & F. Pupulin, 2010. Two new species of Mormolyca from Costa Rica and Panama. Orch. Digest 74(1): 42-47.

Abstract: Two new species of Mormolyca from Costa Rica and Panama are described and illustrated. Mormolyca fumea is compared with M. moralesii, from which it differs mainly by the larger sheaths and petioles, the yellowish-green sepals and petals, the ovate lip, yellow at apex and with a purple callus. Mormolyca culebrica is similar to M. dressleriana, from which it can be distinguished by the white flowers, the lip stained with purple, with an ovate midlobe narrowing towards the truncate apex, and the shorter callus. These two new species belong to the formerly known Maxillaria rufescens complex, today merged into a broadly defined Mormolyca. A key to the species of the genus is provided for Mesoamerica and Greater Antilles.

Key words. Maxillariinae, Maxillaria rufescens complex, Mormolyca, M. culebrica, M. fumea, Orchidaceae, Costa Rica, Panama, new species.






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