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Pupulin, F., C. Ossenbach, R.Jenny & E. Vitek. 2011. Typi Orchidacearum ab Augusto R. Endresio in Costa Rica lecti. Ann. Naturhist. Mus. Wien, Ser. B, Bot. Zool. 112: 265-313.

Kurzfassung. Auguste R. Endrés sammelte von Ende 1866 bis 1874 in Costa Rica, für eine kurze Zeit war er auch in Panama. In diesen sieben Jahren widmete er sich insbesonders der Aufsammlung von Orchideen. Nur eine geringe Zahl seiner neuen Funde wurden von ihm selbst publiziert. Elf Arten beschrieb er gemeinsam mit Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach, der weitere 22 Arten aufgrund von Endrés' Material beschrieb. Andere Autoren, die mit diesem Material neue Taxa beschrieben, sind Rudolf Schlechter, Fritz Kränzlin und Carlyle A. Luer. Insgesamt wurden 109 Arten und 2 Varietäten auf der Basis von Endrés' Sammlungen beschrieben. Hier wird eine kritische Evaluation seiner Orchideentypen in Reichenbach's Sammlungen, die heute im Naturhistorischen Museum Wien deponiert sind, vorgelegt.

Abstract. Auguste R. Endrés botanized in Costa Rica between the end of 1866 and the first months of 1874, spending a short time in Panama. In these seven years he devoted his main attention to the still unrevealed richness of Costa Rican Orchidaceae. The results of his activity have still to be properly evaluated, but his contributions tothe botany of Costa Rica are extraordinary in quantity and quality. Notwithstanding his immense labor, only a very small portion of the orchid plants he collected, studied and illustrated were published as new to the science. He co-authored eleven species with Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach, who himself described another 22 species based on his collections. Other authors who described new taxa through the study of Endrés' plants wereRudolf Schlechter, Fritz Kränzlin and, more recently, Carlyle A. Luer. Including a few other minor contributions, the total number of orchids described as new to science on the basis of Endrés' collections amounts to 109 species and two varieties. In order to begin a complete evaluation of Endrés'b otanicall egacy, a critical revision of the information on the orchid types collected by him, and conserved in the Reichenbach Herbarium at the Naturhistorisches Museum of Vienna,is presented. Types are associated with Endrés' illustrations and other materials from his gatherings. Lectotypes are selected for Brassia chlorops, Epidendrum ionocentrum, Masdevallia pygmaea, Oncidium castaneum, O. dielsianum, O. globuliferum var. costaricense, O. rechingerianum, Restrepia prorepens, R. reichenbachiana, Sigmatostalix poikilostalix, Telipogon endresianus,Trichocentrum pfavii var. zonale, Warczewiczella picta. Miltonia endresii is neotypified. Photographs of the lectotypes and the neotype are presented.

Keywords: Orchidaceae, typification, Auguste R. Endrés, Costa Rica, Reichenbach Herbarium, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien



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